Pencil Drawing in the Visual Order

Paul Ingbretson's Pencil Drawing in the Visual Order is a unique insight into the methods and teaching practices of one of Americas leading figurative painters. Ingbretson's "visual order" is a systematic approach to capturing visual information in the order in which the eye receves it. Working from greater areas to smaller the drawing can be developed to a highly finished rendering, or left more suggestive. Similar in its results to the work of the artists of the Boston School as well as Sorolla, Sargent and Zorn and, before them, Velasquez, this approach is more than adequate for all subject matter.

The demonstration (approximately 3 hours and 13 minutes) shows Ingbretson, in real time, drawing a portrait in pencil, while describing his process. Each pencil mark is shown as he shares the background anecdotes and aphorisms from the past that informed his method.

Ingbretson's personal development came through years of study with Boston School artist, R. H. Ives Gammell. Gammell in turn had trained under William MacGregor Paxton, one of the leading exponents of the Boston School movement at the turn of the 19th and start of the 20th century. The school aimed to incorporate the French academic drawing of the time with the impressionist advancement in color attributed to Monet.

This demonstration is recommended for all experience levels. There are simple and clear definitions for beginners as well as more advanced concepts for developed painters. We hope that learning to see and interpret truth relationally with this practical approach will bring greater fruition to your future investigations into the world of beauty in nature.

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